For general inquiries contact:

Cindy Thomas, Office Manager

Julie Badciong & Jessica Quintanilla, Office Assistants; Jean Tushar, Custodian; Cynthia Gebhardt, Tessee Legan, Beth Parkansky, Bella Topper & Meredith Waters, Crib Room Staff

Job Opening
Tosa Pres is currently seeking an outgoing, organized, creative individual for a second part-time Office Assistant. Click here for a description of the position.  Inquire with Cindy Thomas, Office Manager. 


Music Staff

Martha Stoner, Director of Music; Don Weinberg, Assistant Director of Music; Martha Brown, Organist; Joanne Weinberg, Rainbow Choir (children's choir); Chris Halverson, Chancel Ringers (handbell choir)


Dana Biasi, Administrator of Curiosity Corner Nursery School: 



Rev Dr. Jim Rand, Pastor,

Jim arrived at Tosa Pres in January 1996 after serving churches in Massachusetts, Delaware, and a student internship in the Bronx, NY.

For him, ministry is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach but requires being nimble and responsive to God’s word in the face of human pain, global upheaval, and societal change. When Scripture and human lives intersect, God speaks and discipleship happens – in surprising, unsettling, often joyous ways. Wrestling with the Unknowable and Unknown (as Jacob does in Gen. 32) leads to blessing for ministry and life-changing encounters.  

Jim is a graduate of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Virginia and Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.  He’s a husband, father and grandfather, bicyclist and baseball player (sort of like little league for old men!).  He is honored to serve this congregation and amazed by God's gifts that are here.